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Demistifying the Node Buffer

Say we have some code that looks like this, which is a very common bit of code when using Node's http module to create an HTTP server: exports.collectData = function( ... »

What happens in an HTTPS Handshake?

Here's a handy infographic: ... »

React Component Composition for Client-Side Authentication

React's component composition model is powerful; The notion that you can reuse a component to create other components is highly useful when you have something generic that should wrap more ... »

Promises Explained

Once upon a time, in the world of callbacks.. passwordForm.on('submit', function(data) { getUserFromDB(data.user, function(user) { updateDB(user.ID, { password: data.password }, function(err) { if (err) { throw ... »

The Wrong Question to Ask

Ironically, most educational institutions are associated with an education paradigm that is completely backwards. At Hack Reactor, we sometimes have to work hard at reversing the learned habits and tendencies ... »