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Demistifying the Node Buffer

Say we have some code that looks like this, which is a very common bit of code when using Node's http module to create an HTTP server: exports.collectData = function( ... »


This is a toy problem called "FriendWorld" We're in the middle of making a game called "FriendWorld", and a critical task for our next beta release is a program that ... »

What happens in an HTTPS Handshake?

Here's a handy infographic: ... »

React Component Composition for Client-Side Authentication

React's component composition model is powerful; The notion that you can reuse a component to create other components is highly useful when you have something generic that should wrap more ... »

Promises Explained

Once upon a time, in the world of callbacks.. passwordForm.on('submit', function(data) { getUserFromDB(data.user, function(user) { updateDB(user.ID, { password: data.password }, function(err) { if (err) { throw ... »